Press Coverage: MFSHOW Men – Madrid Fashion Week, 2013

MFSHOW MEN 2013, Madrid’s first men’s fashion show, was held on the 15th, 16th and 17th of July in Madrid. The EDUARDO RIVERA show was one of the most talked about of the schedule. Following are some highlights of the press coverage.



TVe (Television Espanola)

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El Mundo National Newspaper

Eduardo Rivera at MFSHOW MEN

GRAZIA Magazine, Spain

Eduardo Rivera featured in GRAZIAIn a piece titled, “Thrown together look” Grazia wrote, “We want the carefully unkempt look of this young Madrileno”

Mundo Deportivo

Coverage of Eduardo Rivera in Mundo Deportivo

Fuera de Serie

Coverage of Eduardo Rivera and MFSHOW MEN in Fuera de Serie


ONLINE MEDIA “La colección de Eduardo Rivera, protagonista en la segunda jornada de la MFSHOW Men”

Eduardo Rivera’s show was the star of the second session of MFSHOW Men. “El desfile ha sido muy aplaudido y él, por tanto, muy felicitado.”

The parade was applauded loudly and, equally, (Rivera) was congratulated [by members of the audience].


GQ.COM “volvieron a confirmarse como una de las propuestas más interesantes de nuestro país.”

[his collections] again confirmed themselves as one of the most interesting possibilities of our country. online site of Madrid’s state television station) “EDUARDO RIVERA fue otro de los más esperados de la jornada. Apostando muy bien por un adiós al solo traje con zapato de vestir…”

EDUARDO RIVERA was another of the most anticipated parades of the shows…Bidding a fine farewell to the rule of only dress shoes with a suit” (National Newspaper) “De los estilismos del joven madrileño Eduardo Rivera, nos quedamos con la explosión de color en los trajes de «sport» ”

Of the styles of the young madrileño, Eduardo Rivera, the most memorable was the explosion of colour in his ‘sport’ suits. “Eduardo Rivera, que debutaba en pasarela, nos mostró su particular versión de la moda masculina, apartándose de los códigos occidentales y llenando el desfile de color, alegría y un espíritu más relajado…”

EDUARDO RIVERA, which debuted on the catwalk, demonstrated his particular take on male fashion, departing from western codes; filling the parade with colour, liveliness and a more relaxed spirit..”



My Little Window “Quiero empezar hablando del desfile de Eduardo Rivera, una pasada. Ropa juvenil con un aire fresco pero elegante, un estilo impecable.”

I want to start by talking about EDUARDO RIVERA’s parade – awesome. Young clothing with a fresh approach but elegant – impeccable style.


C2T Con Dos Tacones “La sorpresa de esta segunda jornada de MFSHOW MEN fue el desfile de EDUARDO RIVERA. Su colección “Orígenes” mezcla la mejor sastrería clásica (de colores impactantes) con prendas de punto de caída increíble, y provoca choques estéticos muy estudiados y con excelente resultado gracias un estilismo de 10 en pasarela…”

The surprise of this second session of MFSHOW MEN was the EDUARDO RIVERA parade. His collection, ‘Origins’ mixes the best of classic tailoring (in loud colours) with knitwear that falls incredibly, and a studied collision of aesthetics that come together beautifully to achieve a 10 out of 10 on the catwalk..” “Sin duda uno de los mejores desfiles de la jornada y de los más comentados…”

“Without doubt one of the best parades of the schedule and one of the most commentated” “El aclamado desfile de Eduardo Rivera fue protagonista de la tarde…”

The acclaimed EDUARDO RIVERA parade was the star of the afternoon..


XaviWorld “La de Eduardo Rivera fue .. tan diferenciadas como brillantes..que mereció la ovación en la que terminó..”

The [parade of] EDUARDO RIVERA was as different as it was brilliant and deserved the applause with which it closed


Paper Blog “Podemos definir a Eduardo Rivera como la sorpresa más que agradable de la jornada…”

EDUARDO RIVERA can be defined as the most agreeable surprise of the shows


Trendencias Hombre “Eduardo Rivera presentó una de las colecciones más interesantes. Sastrería con llamativos colores, prendas oversize, fulares estupendos… Es un desfile que no debéis perderos….”

EDUARDO RIVERA presented one of the most interesting collections. Tailoring with eye-catching colours, oversize scarves..a parade you shouldn’t miss..


My Peeptoes “el desfile de Eduardo Rivera en MFShow Men fue espectacular y nos dejó a todos boquiabiertos con sus diseños hippie chic para hombre.”

The EDUARDO RIVERA show at MFSHOW MEN was spectacular and left us open-mouthed with his “hippie chic” designs for men










DT Magazine, “How Men’s Fashion Should Be”

In the August edition of Spanish DT magazine, Cesar Dolmo, DT Magazine’s Special Editions Fashion Director, reviews Eduardo Rivera’s first collection in an article entitled “Real Touch”.

Spain’s DT Magazine, August Cover

Article, “Real Touch”

Cesar writes, “ [The collection] is very much in line with what I think men’s fashion should be.  With a classic foundation, modern fabrics, excellent quality, and above all, a good finish, the fashion of Eduardo Rivera is elegant, it is discrete…but, the most important, it does not have more pretension than to be worn by those that dress well and in the best manner possible.  It seems obvious, but it is really difficult today to find basic pieces, that is to say, all those that make up the masculine wardrobe, (shirt, jackets and trousers) at the perfect price point but that, what’s more, seem as though they have been made to measure and that can be worn together as well as mixed with other brands.

Surely this is only the beginning of a successful career in men’s fashion…My most sincere congratulations Mr. Rivera.”